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Pontormo, “Ritratto di Monsignor della Casa”,

National Gallery – Washington

Our Story

The cradle of Galateo

The seeds of "Galateo", the most important treaty of good manners in Europe, sprouted on our estate. The "La Casa” Renaissance Villa is found here, where Giovanni della Casa was born in 1503, author of Galateo and son of Lisabetta Tornabuoni, cousin of the great Lorenzo the Magnificent.

Profile: the Monsignore

Giovanni della Casa, known as “Il Monsignore”, was a great Florentine writer who also studied Law and was made Cleric. During his stay in Rome, he kept company to people of remarkable social and political importance, such as Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, who turned him into a trusted collaborator.

The Monsignore is mainly remembered for the “Galateo ovvero de’ costumi”, a compendium of the proper habits to adopt when in society, to this day a masterpiece of Italian literature and a of good education in Europe.


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